Espionage Party

Secrets and spies and everyone lies.

(Theoretically) Frequently Asked Questions

  • Where can I buy an Espionage Party scenario?

    No Planet for Old Pirates, Arsenic and Old Mills, Goats 'n' Scapes, and The Witch of Thrush Hollow are available for purchase at DriveThruRPG. Other scenarios will be available soon, and when they are, we will post that information here.
  • How much time does it take to prepare for an Espionage Party? Can I buy one and run it tonight?

    This is not a game where you can run blind or read the rules as you play. The one running the game must read quite a bit beforehand to familiarize themself with the scenario and characters, gather or print and cut out resources, organize the players, and prepare the space where everyone will be playing. We recommend at least 1-2 weeks for preparation.
  • How much time does an Espionage Party take?

    Scenarios themselves come with a fixed running time, usually 2-3 hours. We recommend an additional 1-2 hours set aside for setup, assigning and briefing characters, explaining rules, waiting for late-comers, and the wrap-up afterwards, so roughly 4 hours for the entire event.
  • Do I need anything special to run an Espionage Party?

    What you need: 1. One of our scenarios and the general handbook. 2. People to play with. 3. A place to play. 4. A way to print some of the documents. 5. A few basic supplies like tape and pens. That’s it. We provide everything else in the scenario’s resources document. There are also suggestions for alternate things you could use for some resources, but these are not necessary. Occasionally, a common real object may be called for, such as a hat.
  • How much space do I need?

    Generally the more the better, but you can make do with smaller spaces depending on how many players you have. What you really need is: 1. A room large enough to fit everyone at once. 2. Several secluded areas where people can go off for secret conferences. These could be bedrooms, apartment hallways, porches, whatever as long as they offer some sort of privacy.
  • What if I don’t know how many players I’ll have?

    As long as your group falls within the minimum and maximum given for your scenario, it will be fine. We provide methods for casting characters both all at once and as a mix of advance and on-demand. Casting at your party may take a little time but should not screw anything up.
  • Which scenario should I play?

    Each scenario has a distinct theme and a teaser to let you know sort of what it’s about. It all depends on what sounds most interesting to you. If you have no preferences, we recommend Goats ‘N’ Scapes as the most readily accessible, but really it’s fine to begin anywhere.
  • Do you have any games for beginners?

    We do not have any beginner games per se, but each scenario has characters that may be easier on beginners, and each character has a tip for getting started that will help players ease into the game.
  • Is this game for children?

    Not really, no. It is up to parents of course, but here is a list of topics appearing in our scenarios which may be found objectionable for children: sex, drugs, murder, suicide, cults, the occult, mental illness, and all sorts of fictionalized immoral behavior.
  • Can I replay a scenario?

    Yes. There are so many variables that contribute to how a scenario goes that there will be surprises and different endings every time. If you rerun a scenario with some or all of the same players, we have two recommendations. 1. Ask players to practice good roleplaying and not make use of knowledge they have from a previous game. 2. Give them characters not closely connected to those they played in a previous game.
  • Where can I learn more about Espionage Party? What if I want to write my own scenario?

    Visit our Facebook page ( for more information about Espionage Party and our development progress. Visit our blog ( for more about Espionage Party, such as detailed advice on the process of writing a scenario.
  • One of your scenarios includes a romantic serenade. Will it work if I sing it to someone for real?

    One of our writers did some field research and found the song to result in hot make outs 100% of the time.*
    *sample size n=1.