Espionage Party

Secrets and spies and everyone lies.



Goats 'n' Scapes

GoatCam is a charitable organization which puts cameras on goats. Its donors are philanthropists and animal lovers who pay a lot of money to see what those goats are up to. They gather tonight on the Infinite Jest, a luxury cruise liner somewhere in the Atlantic Ocean. It is 2015, the Year of the Goat (or was it the Sheep?), and more funds must be raised for those poor animals. Rare curiosities and exotics will be auctioned to the highest bidder. The ruthless social elite and corrupt power brokers will wheel and deal. The glamorous will betray the notorious. And maybe there will be one or two people who just like goats.

Players: 9-19 (Not including Game Master)
Status: Goats 'n' Scapes is available for purchase!


Arsenic and Old Mills

1898, New York City. Workers take to the streets to fight for their rights. Gangs vie for territory while corruption runs rampant among police and politicians. Newspapers indulge in yellow journalism as the Spanish-American War rages on in the Caribbean. Blair Sheridan, owner of Elmwood Cotton Mill, holds a public meeting to ease concerns after part of the Mill collapsed unexpectedly, nearly shutting down business. Some come to take advantage of the tragedy. Some to fix past mistakes or bring the truth to light. Others just want a decent job. Whatever happened, it’s not over yet.

Players: 8-16 (Not including Game Master)
Status: Arsenic and Old Mills is available for purchase!


No Planet for Old Pirates

In a future where Earth has been forgotten, a small crew of pirates struggles to keep flying on the edge of known space. They are a cutthroat band of vultures and opportunists. Some want a promotion by any means necessary. Others want to get rich and get out. The captain just wants to keep them all in line. And half the galaxy wants the whole lot dead. An interstellar war is about to launch between a fading empire and one upstart planet. Captain Huckabee Capone and the crew of the Tender Loving Care race to take a stand with the rebels.These pirates will have to sort out their differences or be torn apart in the crossfire.

Players: 7-18 (Not including Game Master)
Status: No Planet for Old Pirates is available for purchase!


The Witch of Thrush Hollow

Over two hundred years ago, the town of Thrush Hollow was home to Tabitha Primrose, now known as a powerful witch. Legend has it that she haunts the town's residents to this day, placated only by the annual lock-in tradition performed at her former home. This year is turning out to be different. Her calling card, a bloody feather, has been found all over town. Hemlock has sprouted fully grown at Primrose's memorial overnight. A corpse turned up last week cradled in the arms of her statue, and gravestones have appeared in the cemetery, suggesting her next victims. Tonight is the lock-in, and a group of out-of-towners has appeared, claiming they want to get to the bottom of this mystery. What are their true intentions? Is the witch really back for vengeance, or is something else behind these omens? The only way to find out is to proceed with the ritual.

Players: 8-17 (Not including Game Master)
Status: The Witch of Thrush Hollow is available for purchase!


The Forget-Me-Not Hotel

In 1938, the Forget-Me-Not Hotel, a grand institution with a fabled history, plays host to a mysterious party. You've received an invitation from an unknown host. But who sent it and for what purpose? As you step into the grand ballroom, a swing band in one corner and table of hors d'oeuvres in the other, you inspect the other guests. You can see some are associated with the hotel itself. Others look to be from the nearby Fort Messina, rumored to be a center of top-secret research. To your surprise, you hear a familiar voice laughing from the back of the room. Did they all receive invitations like yours? Could you be looking at your anonymous host right now? You help yourself to a glass of champagne. Time to find out what this is all about.

Players: 7-15 (Not including Game Master)
Status: The Forget-Me-Not Hotel is undergoing playtesting.